Erwin Barona



Born in the Philippines, of Ilocano heritage. I am married to a wonderful wife, Gina. We have three "kids" --- a gentleman and two ladies; I will always call them my kids.


Migrated to Canada in 2005.

My passion for photography started when Gina and I were mountaineers, cameras around our necks to document the places we visited. Somehow, there was a point when I felt that there was more to it than just taking pictures. 

Personally, photography is a way to express my self, as in any other art form. What you see is who I was and am, built from my relationships with others, my lessons learned from success and failures, from unique personal experiences.

Move out from the busy-ness. Be still. Re-connect with yourself. It is my hope that as you view the images (and read my weekly blog), these may also trigger reflection and an "inwardbound" exercise, uniquely your own as I did.



serendipity [ser-uhn-DIP-i-tee]. noun. discovering something of more value than what was originally sought for.

                                                                                                                                                               --- Free Dictionary

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