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The unSeen Scene

Infrared light was discovered in the 1800s and it was not until 1910 when special film was used to capture this invisible light spectrum in a photograph. The invisible spectrum actually falls in the "red" range; "infra" means "below" visibility, thus "infrared". Here's a bit of trivia: around 80% of the sun's rays fall under #infrared light, so essential to sustain life on the planet! . . . . If you stand under the sun on a cold day, the warmth you feel is infrared light penetrating your skin. Cool!

I had an old digital camera converted to capture infrared light. Capturing infrared on film results in "false colors" --- converting the invisible to visible. On the other hand, modifed digital cameras record infrared as shades of red, see below example. Processing the digital capture result to the #falsecolors in the #unSeen series of images.

I like capturing infrared because it provides me with a glimpse of a scene not usually associated with the colors we normally see, especially on green foliage --- where most of the infrared light is reflected from --- turns to a near snowy-white; other objects unexpectedly sometimes to yellow, or blue, or purple, or green, or whatever, adding an element of surprise to processing reds to "false colors"! And, in a rather pleasantly haunting way, adding to the #sublime.

This is where infrared photography becomes tricky and meaningful to me. Remember the 80% of sunlight? Well, experts also say that 80% of communication is non-verbal; that actions speak louder than words; that what we perceive may not always be the complete picture; that it would be wise to "be in the other's shoes" before we make rush judgements or conclusions; that we may not see the real intentions of others' words and actions . . . . . Yup, it's another week-in-review for me; guilty on some occasions, realizing there is still much to improve in the coming days, to mend, to give, to progress, to #heal, to be #grateful.

"And now, here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." --- The Little Prince

False colors? True colors. [ imagine: Cyndi Lauper music playing in the background ]

Have a great week ahead!

Header image was taken from the grounds of Dr. Joven R. Cuanang's Pinto Museum, Antipolo, Philippines.

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